Arabic for beginners

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Arabic is one of the most stunning languages in the world. with more than 420 million and 30 dialects worldwide, there’s nothing but to know what makes this language so special and unique, Arabic has its own alphabet, calendar(islamic Hijri calendar) and a rich fascinating culture. with me you’ll learn how to write, speak and read Arabic! Are you ready?!

What Will I Learn?

  • knowing the language and how to write it exactly how its supposed to be

Topics for this course

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the Arabic alphabet- الحروف الابجدية

Lesson 2 الدرس الثاني
lesson 1 الدرس الأول
الدرس الثالث

Greeting Expressions / التحيات

Independent Pronouns / الضمائر

Possessive Pronouns / الضمائر

Describing Oneself/ التعارف

Demonstrative Pronouns/Adjectives / الصفات

Mealtime Expressions / !وقت الطعام

Thanking Expressions / شكرا

Offering Help / !ساعدني

Being sick / !انا مريض

Transportation Expressions / في المواصلات

Responding to difficulties/Apologies/ الاعتذار

Congratulations/ تهاني

Communication حوارات

Numerals/ الارقام

Time/ الوقت

Exercises about Time/ الوقت

Shopping / التسوق

Practice Dialogue/Shopping / حوارات في التسوق

Verb to “want” انا اريد

Family Members / العائلة

Family Expressions / حوارات مع العائلة

The Hijri calendar / التقويم الهجري

holidays/ الاعياد

past tense/ الفعل الماضي

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Material Includes

  • pdf and videos


  • commitment and continuous efforts to learn the language

Target Audience

  • everyone