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Have you ever wanted to know more than just reading Arabic words and go to the next level? well, this course is for you dear student. here you’ll learn how to read complicated texts, news, articles and many more. you’ll be able to learn the language as a foreign language and learn more than just grammar! Enjoy!

What Will I Learn?

  • recognizing nouns reading without any difficulties
  • -communicating
  • -understand and read short stories

Topics for this course

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أسماء الاشارة/ demonstrative nouns

الدرس الأول
الدرس الثالث
الدرس الثاني

الحروف الشمسية و القمرية/ when to read Al and when to omit it

بلدان العالم/ Countries and nationalities

لغات العالم/ languages of the world

حروف الجر/ Arabic prepositions

من هذا؟/هذه؟/ who is this?

المهن 2/ Professions 2

أسئلة عامة/ general dialogue questions

قراءة و كتابة القطع/ Reading and writing stories

المذكر و المؤنث/ masculine and feminine

المفرد و المثنى و الجمع/ Singular Dual and Plural

أسماء الاشارة للبعيد/ Demonstrative pronouns 2

الضمائر المنفصلة/ Separated nouns

أِن و اخواتها/ Inna and family

كان و أخواتها/ Kanna and family


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Material Includes

  • -PDF
  • -videos
  • - a recommendation to great videos online


  • - good internet connection
  • -discipline
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Target Audience

  • students who already speak Arabic but have difficulty with grammar and reading