Life skill for teens- በአማርኛ


Take this course and change the way your teens behave and look at the future with a very creative mindset.



Highly experienced in teaching and brainstorming teens and children for more than 7 years

Chapter 1 Life skills


  • Introduction
  • Purpose of life skills

Chapter 2 Self-esteem and gossip


2.1 Introductions

2.2 How to develop positive self-esteem

2.3 How to overcome gossip

2.4 Revision questions

Chapter 3 Emotional intelligence


3.1 Introduction

3.2 How to develop emotional intelligence

3.3 Revision questions

Chapter 4 Peer pressure and Social skills


4.1 Introduction

4.2 How to overcome peer pressure

4.2 How to develop good social skill

4.3 Revision questions


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