Stress & Anxiety Management:- በአማርኛ



What you’ll learn
  • You will gain knowledge related to stress- and anxiety disorders
  • You will have an understanding of stress management
  • You will be able to explain ‘nature’ of stress- and anxiety-related disorders
  • You will know how to de-stress yourself and others around you!


  • Having an interest in Psychology and therapy (counseling, psychotherapy)
  • Eagerness to learn about stress and anxiety management for everyday life
  • No formal knowledge of Psychology is required!
  • Ready to view your lectures on your laptop, smartphone or tablet

In this course, you will learn about Psychology of Stress and Anxiety related disorders and their management. Most people know what ‘stress’ and ‘anxiety’ are but cannot tell you what is possible to do in order to effectively manage these disorders when they are related to their own experiences.

Here in this course, you will learn how to effectively manage your own stress and anxiety and as a result help others around you. In this course, you will learn for example such important topics as ‘Generalised Anxiety Disorder’, ‘Social Anxiety Disorder’, ‘Burnout’, and ‘Panic Disorder’ amongst others.


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